Dr. Timothy Dernlan

Author, Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and Christian School Leader


I enjoy helping classical Christian school boards, Christian leaders, administrators, and non-profit organizations. Feel free to contact me for consulting, board training, strategic planning, leadership coaching, or event speaking.

~ Soli Deo Gloria ~


Selected books by Dr. Dernlan

Classical Christian Virtues

A guided contemplation of 60 virtues and their corresponding vices. Each virtue includes a quotes, bible verses, and guiding questions to lead toward reflection and growth. (Titus Books, 264 pages)

A Guide to Understanding Classical Christian Education

Clarify your understanding and unify the vision and mission of your school or community with this easy to use guidebook. (Titus Books, 80 pages)

Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools

A quantitative research study comparing the Christian faith commitment of modern and classical Christian school students. (Titus Books, 127 pages)

Download the full dissertation here.


Podcasts by Dr. Dernlan

Classical Christian Virtues is a podcast inspired by Aristotle’s “golden mean” to encourage the cultivation of virtue and recognition of vice. Order the companion book for personal devotion and contemplation.

Classical Christian Education is a podcast focused on answering common questions and giving guidance to classical Christian schools, teachers, and parents. Order the companion book for yourself or someone new to CCE.


Interviews featuring Dr. Dernlan

Dr. Dernlan discusses financial stability, fundraising, and other Christian School Leadership Lessons on the Brotherhood Mutual podcast.

Dr. Dernlan joins Danielle Dillenschneider on Aporia the Podcast to discuss classical Christian School Board Leadership and more.

Dr. Dernlan answers a few of the 100 Common Questions about Classical Christian Education and discusses his latest book on BaseCamp Live.

Dr. Dernlan and two students from Bayshore Christian School discuss the benefits of his book Classical Christian Virtues on BaseCamp Live.

Dr. Dernlan  joins Cat and Nicole to discuss the cultivation of Biblical Confidence and Humility in kids on The Biblical Woman Podcast.

Dr. Dernlan returns to BaseCamp Live to discuss his book and doctoral dissertation on Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools.


Married in the summer of 2000, Tim and Kara Dernlan have been blessed with four children. They like playing board games, camping, hiking, running, singing, and reading.

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