Dr. Timothy Dernlan

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, and Christian School Leader

Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools

An easy to read quantitative research study comparing modern and classical Christian school students and their commitment to the Christian faith. (Titus Books, 127 pages)

Classical Christian Virtues

A guided contemplation of 60 virtues and their corresponding vices. Each virtue includes a quotes, bible verses, and guiding questions to lead the reader to deep personal reflection and growth. (Titus Books, 264 pages)

FREE eBook: Classical Christian Virtues: 7 Virtues to Cultivate during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Socratic Learning

A practical guide for anyone seeking to grow as a teacher. Socratic dialogue is proven to be a highly effective method of learning for high school students, bible study, and adult workshops. (Titus Books, 45 pages)

Weekly Podcast

Classical Christian Virtues is a podcast encouraging listeners to cultivate virtue and resist vice each week. Order the companion book above for a deep dive in your own life, or just subscribe and listen to this podcast each week.


Married in the summer of 2000, Tim and Kara Dernlan have been blessed with four children and also raised a girl from China for four years.