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Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools: Modern vs. Classical

A quantitative study comparing students in grades 4, 8, and 12 from similar Christian schools using different approaches to education. Students self-report their knowledge, belief, and actions on over 35 questions aligned with commitment to the Christian faith. Anyone interested in the soul formation of students attending Christian schools will be able to take something away from this easy to read academic research. (Titus Books: 127 pages)

Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools: Modern vs Classical is adapted from Dernlan’s 2013 Doctoral Dissertation.  The book is streamlined (half the length) and written for a popular audience. Follow the link below to access the full dissertation and additional data not found in the book. (Ashland University: 217 pages)

Free Download of Full Dissertation

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Classical Christian Virtues: Contemplating the Good Life

Inspired by Aristotle’s idea of the golden mean, Dr. Dernlan uses a socratic approach to draw the reader into a personalized biblical study of sixty classical Christian virtues. This book provides thought provoking questions, Bible verses, quotations, and a self assessment for each virtue. It can be used for personal contemplation, small group studies, family devotionals, Bible study, or a classroom discussion guide. (Titus Books: 264 pages)

Available February 1, 2020

Socratic Learning TEACHERS

Socratic Learning: A Guidebook for Teachers

A practical guidebook taking teachers through the step by step process of creating a Socratic Learning environment. Topics covered in this book include 1) Roles, 2) Preparation, 3) Structure, 4) Techniques, 5) Responsibilities, 6) Assignments, 7) Training, and 8) Benefits of this important teaching technique. (Titus Books: 45 pages)

Available June 1, 2020

Socratic Learning Students

Socratic Learning: A Guidebook for Students

Quickly train your students on the concept of Socratic Learning as a “team sport.” A practical guidebook taking students through  process of preparing to engage and benefit from a Socratic Learning environment.  Topics covered in this book include 1) Reasons, 2) Preparation, 3) Structure, 4) Roles, 5) Responsibilities, and 7) Benefits of this important collaborative learning environment. (Titus Books: 30 pages)

Available Soon

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