Consulting & Coaching

Dernlan on Stage


Helpful for organizations seeking a professional outside perspective.

  • Board Governance

    Strategic Planning, Vision Casting, Board vs Head Responsibilities, and other topics

  • Financial Stability

    Move from a break even budget to 5% annual profit in just 18 months

  • Comprehensive Review

    An intensive evaluation and written report on every aspect of the school (helpful for accreditation preparation)

  • Head of School Search

    Target and recruit a talented school leaders that fit your unique school culture

    Other topics available upon request

Dernlan and Board 2


Helpful for individuals in executive roles with limited peers within the organization.

  • Head of School (or key administrator) 

    An outside mentor can give wisdom and longevity to this important, yet often times very lonely position

  • Board Chair

    An outsider to talk with as a “safe” place for working through the difficulties of this important position

  • New Board Members

    Let us training new board members to improve the health of your board and school leadership

    Other topics available upon request

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