Geronimo, Amen!

Christian education is a valuable part of the formation of a child. As Head of School at Tall Oaks Classical School, Dr. Dernlan had a small part in this 20-minute film about the Association of Classical Christian Schools.

Base Camp Live

Dr. Dernlan was recently invited to be a guest on Base Camp Live to discuss his research and new book focused on the spiritual formation of students attending classical Christian schools.  Follow the link below to listen to this 20-minute interview.

BaseCamp Live

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The World and Everything in it

Dr. Dernlan introduced the February 11, 2019 episode of The World and Everything in it.  This daily podcast is a valuable resource for news from a Christian worldview.  Each weekday features special topics such as Monday Moneybeat, Culture Friday (movie reviews), and Washington Wednesday.

The World and Everything in It

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Just for Fun

A long long time ago… in a distant memory far far away… Dr. Dernlan enjoyed the sport of wrestling.  This video was found on YouTube with some of his matches from college. Wrestling is a great sport for young men with lots of energy. It helps in the cultivation of many virtues including self-control, courage, determination, gratitude, and humility.

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