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Here are a few topics for your school event, staff training, graduation, or athletic banquet.

  • Classical Christian Education

The flow of western culture and Christianity have brought us to a point in America that necessitates a true, good, and beautiful Christian education.

  • Intentional Christian Education

An encouraging yet challenging talk on the seven hallmarks of distinctive Christian education.

  • Spiritual Formation in Christian Schools

Increase retention by energizing your base by educating new families on the necessity of the rhetoric stage and persisting through graduation at your classical Christian school.

  • Negotiating Athletic Success

Inspiring athletes at post season banquets and guide them to look for ways to glorify God with athletic talents and college decisions.

Other topics available upon request

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  • Intentional Christian Education

What makes Christian schools unique?  This talk is encouraging, educational, and inspiring to teachers and staff committed to Christ-centered education.

  • Socratic Learning

Discovering the joy of Socratic Learning and specific ways to implement this misunderstood tool of master teachers.

  • Classical Christian Athletics

Train your athletic department and physical education staff in a Trivium based approach to P.E. and sports.

  • Classical Christian Virtues

One or more virtues can be focused on depending on the need or desires of your organization.

Other topics available upon request

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